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These are photos taken by our wellness counsellor, Andrea where she had asked us to model for some ads and promos for sure slim. We hadn't reached our weight loss goals by this point but Andrea wanted these taken as it has been a year since Debbie started the program and I was within 7 lbs of my goal. Because of Debbie's incredible success we all wanted our story and photos to be used to help and encourage others.

We had a great time doing the photo sessions out of the nearly 140 photos taken, these are our favourites. Out of these Andrea chose the one she wanted to use for the promos. I have include samples of the ads published in the Feb 23rd edition of the Langley Times and the March 4 edition of the Langley Advance. Another full page ad is scheduled to be published in the Langley Advance on March 11.

It has been an incredible journey for the two of us.

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